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Hello, hello!

I’ve been thinking about making a charity artbook featuring Yu-Gi-Oh! characters from all shows and endangered animals.
Every single cent would go to the charity foundation Caritas to help children in need.

Now, I’d like to know who would want to participate!
If you are a fan of the show or just interested in helping people with your art, send me an ask and link me to your artworks. A group of participants will decide whether your application was accepted.

dragon tamer

I was looking through my old lj entries, and totally reminded of all the nail art I used to do back in my first couple years of university! I want to do my nails again sometime…

cause i don’t really need to wonder at all

(fill for the zexal fillathon!)


I’m re-ordering my yugioh buttons for Anime North and Anime Expo this summer! (with new addition Yuya)

For those of you not attending either of these cons and would like some, you can pre-order them here!

oh gosh, he’s just so cute ok


Crazy For You


Wild Life


I just want Vector in a really glamorous princess ball gown.


Hey! Hey! Did you know there’s a zexal fillathon going on right now? Come fill the void in your heart (warning for major spoilers up to the last episode though!)

Fill for the Zexal fillathon! y’all should participate 

taodah said: Your art is fantastic odg I'm in love ;;u;;

thank ya, sugarplum!

Barian pet store shenanigans

Hey y’all!

Just finished up my Pokemon pop art button designs, they’ll be at Anime North and Anime Expo this summer!

You can also pre-order them here!